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What Juan Pablo Carrasco De Groote Experts Don’t Want You To Know

The Odebrecht Trials Continue: Colombia, Panama And The President Of AmCham Guatemala The Colombian prosecutor’s office has pushed forward the accusation against the ex-director Daniel García Arizabaleta, regarding his corruption ties with Odebrecht. The prosecutors point to García Arizabaleta on charges of illegal enrichment of individuals, and the forge of documents, as the Colombian “Asuntos Legales’ ‘ (Legal affairs) office reported.  The prosecution focuses on the fact that the “Invias” director of that time had received payments from Odebrecht, as a compensation of services that it provided during the time of…

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Juan Pablo Carrasco De Groote for Dummies

Head Of AmCham Guatemala Juan Pablo Carrasco De Groote: The “Art Of The Deal” (Guatemala-style) Contents Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groot's personal goals behind the AmCham Guatemala veil Protection of values or corruption? Juan Pablo Carrasco and Odebrecht For over 10 years, the head of AmCham Guatemala has been Juan Pablo Carrasco de Groote – the unchanging face of the chamber of commerce. U.S. administrations change, but one thing that remains constant – the position of Amcham Guatemala's head in one person. Ironic as it is, considering the United…

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