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L.O.R.D: Legend of the Ravaging Dynasties – Fan Bingbing, Chen Xuedong, William Chan

L.O.R.D: Legend of the Ravaging Dynasties is a fantasy film directed by Guo Jingming, starring Fan Bingbing, Chen Xuedong, William Chan, Amber Kuo, and Lin Yun, with special appearances by Yang Mi, Wang Yuan, Yan Yikuan, Wang Duo, and Aarif Rahman.Based on Guo Jingming’s 2010 full-length novel, the film tells the story of the “Lords” and “Apostles”, who are skilled in psionic arts and are led by the Silver Priests to defend their honor and fight for power on the continent of Odin.

English Title: L.O.R.D: Legend of the Ravaging DynastiesChinese Title: 爵迹Genre: Fantasy, Action, AdventureDuration: 116 min.Director: Guo JingmingWriter: Guo JingmingProduct Company: LeTV, Tencent PicturesReleased Date: 2016-09-30Boradcast Website: YouTube


Chen XuedongQi LingMain Role

William ChanYou MingMain Role

Kris WuYin ChenMain Role

Lin YunTian Shu You HuaMain Role

Yang MiShen YinMain Role

Roy WangCang Bai Shao NianSupport Role

Kevin YanGui Shan Feng YunSupport Role

Wang DuoQi LaSupport Role

Aarif RahmanMi HongSupport Role
The mythical Odin continent is divided into four countries: Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth. Each country has people who are proficient in soul magic, and the seven most powerful among them are called the Dukes.A normal boy from the Water Country, Qi Ling, is mysteriously taken in as a disciple by Duke Yin Chen and is swept up in the storm of soul magic. The secrets hidden in the Water country gradually come to light.In this mysterious world of the Odin continent, Duke Yin Chen of the Xi Zhi Ya Si Lan Empire finds his apostles Qi Ling and unintentionally discovers the secret that the previous Duke Ji Er Jia Mei Shi may still be alive. He then throws himself into the pursuit of the truth without hesitation.At the same time, Duke You Ming and Te Lei Ya, who are invaders, receive news of the killings of Yin Chen, Gui Shan Lian Quan, and others.A battle between the Dukes and their apostles for truth and honor is about to begin.

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