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Brotherhood of Blades 2 – Chang Chen, Yang Mi

Brotherhood of Blades 2 is a historical martial arts film directed by Lu Yang, starring Chang Chen, Yang Mi, Zhang Yi, Lei Jiayin, Xin Zhilei, Jin Shijie, Liu Duanduan, and Li Yuan.

The film tells the story of Shen Lian, a Jinyi imperial guard, who is caught up in a conspiracy in the seventh year of the Tianqi reign of the Ming Dynasty, and works with a young girl named Bei Zhai and his colleague Pei Lun to discover the truth in order to prove his innocence.


English Title: Brotherhood of Blades 2Chinese Title: 绣春刀Ⅱ:修罗战场Genre: Historical, Wuxia, Action, Suspense, ThrillerDuration: 120 min.Director: Lu YangWriter: Chen Shu, Lu Yang, Yu YangProducer: Wang Yibing, Zhang NingReleased Date: 2017-07-19Boradcast Website: Viki, YouTube


Chang ChenShen LianMain Role

Yang MiBei ZhaiMain Role

Zhang YiLu WenzhaoMain Role

Lei JiayinPei LunMain Role

Xin ZhileiDing BaiyingMain Role

Liu DuanduanZhu YoujianMain Role

Li YuanDing ChongMain Role

Wu XiaoliangDing TaiSupport Role

Li HongtaoXu XianchunSupport Role

Yuan WenkangJing HaiSupport Role

Wang RenjunZhu YouxiaoSupport Role

In the seventh year of the Tianqi reign of the Ming Dynasty, Shen Lian, a member of the Jinyiwei imperial secret police in Beizhen, kills his colleague Ling Yunkai to save the painter Bei Zhai during a mission to eliminate a group of rebels.

Afterward, Shen Lian must evade suspicion and investigation from Lu Wenzhao and Pei Lun, while also being blackmailed by a mysterious woman to investigate the truth behind the Jinyiwei’s history.

Amidst the chaos of the times, Shen Lian and Bei Zhai become entangled in a dangerous love affair, and a larger conspiracy looms in the background.

In the struggle for survival during the late Ming dynasty, Shen Lian faces new challenges, and the bonds of love and brotherhood may prove to be even more dangerous.

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