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The Girl Who Sees Smells – Jia Yi, Jin Zixuan

The Girl Who Sees Smells is an urban romantic comedy directed by Ma Ming, starring Jia Yi and Jin Zixuan, co-starring Fan Xiaodong, Wu Mingjing, Du Houjia, Chen Yiqi, Gao Kaiyuan, and Li Boyang.


English Title: The Girl Who Sees SmellsChinese Title: 你好,我的对面男友Genre: Urban, Romance, ComedyEpisodes: –Duration: –Director: Ma MingWriter: Zhou Ziyu, Zi Yun GeReleased Date: 2023-03-20Boradcast Website: iQIYI


Jia YiXu MingchenMain Role

Jin ZixuanLu FenfenMain Role

Fan XiaodongXu TianranSupport Role

Wu MingjingBai BingSupport Role

Li BoyangDing NanaSupport Role

The drama tells the story of a girl, Lu Fenfen, who relies on her talent, courage, and an indomitable determination to make a name for herself in the wine industry, and embarks on a romantic journey with her eccentric boss, Xu Mingchen, who is both charming and funny.

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