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Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 (2023)

Overall: Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 is a Korean Romance, Drama (2023). Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 cast: Feng Yi Ran, Bai Hao Yan, Ren Yin Peng. Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 Release Date: 19 March 2023. Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 Episodes: 24.
Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 Detail
Drama: Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 (2023)Network: Tencent VideoMain Stars: Feng Yi Ran, Bai Hao Yan, Ren Yin PengGenres: Romance, DramaCountry: ChinaLanguage: ChineseRelease Date: 19 March 2023Season: 2Aired: 19 March 2023-4 April 2023Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, SundayEpisodes: 24Also Known As: Qian Qi Bie Pao Di Er Jie , Qian Qi Bie Pao 2 , Qian Qi Bie Pao II , 前妻別跑第 II , 前妻别跑第 II , 前妻別跑第二季 , 前妻別跑第 2 , 前妻别跑第2, 前妻别跑第二季, Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 2023
Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 Synopsis and Plot Summary
The oppressive president Sheng Nan Fang lost almost six years of memory because of a fender bender. At the point when he awakened, the world had changed radically. Before, he was the high-positioning President, and Su Shao Yan was an everyday person young lady with nothing; yet presently, Su Shao Yan has tracked down her natural dad and changed herself into the Chief of Tiangi Gathering. Nonetheless, Sheng Nan Tooth needed to “wed” Su Shao Yan as his “better half in-regulation” in light of the fact that the Sheng family was in emergency.
Ex-Wife Stop Season 2 Cast
Feng Yi Ran as Su Shao Yan
Bai Hao Yan as Sheng Nan Fang
Ren Yin Peng as Su Ting Hao
Jin Yang as Song Jiao
Dai Chao as Jiang Jia Yu
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