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Namiya – Karry Wang, Dilraba Dilmurat, Dong Zijian

Namiya is a fantasy film directed by Han Jie, starring Wang Junkai, Dilraba Dilmurat, and Dong Zijian.

The film is based on Higashino Keigo’s novel of the same name and tells the story of a shop called “Namiya”, where people write their troubles on a letter at night and drop it into the delivery slot of a metal door, and the next day they can get the answer in a milk crate at the back of the shop.


English Title: NamiyaChinese Title: 解忧杂货店Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Family, LifeDuration: 109 min.Director: Han JieWriter: Song Xiao, Sun Siyu, Zhu Siyi, Han JieProducer: Dong YunshiProduct Company: Wanda Media Co. Ltd, EMPEROR MOTION PICTURESReleased Date: 2017-12-29Boradcast Website: Viki, 优酷, AsianCrush


Karry WangXiao BoMain Role

Dilraba DilmuratTong TongMain Role

Dong ZijianA JieMain Role

Qin HaoHao Bo / Zhang MoSupport Role

Lee Hong ChiQin LangSupport Role

Hao LeiDa Qing MeiSupport Role

Chen DulingXiao QingmeiSupport Role

Jackie ChanJie You GrandfatherSupport Role

Dong LiwuyouHao Bo (Young)Support Role

Li MengQin TianSupport Role

Pan BinlongHua ZiSupport Role

Xing JiadongXiao JunSupport Role

Yan XiaopinMother of Qin LangSupport Role

Wang XiaoPolicemanSupport Role

In a grocery shop by a quiet street, if you write down your worries and drop them into the letter drop at the front door of the shop, you will get an answer in the milk crate at the back of the shop the next day.

One night, three young people, A Jie, Xiao Bo, and Tong Tong, who are lost, unwittingly break into the shop and unknowingly open a time tunnel.

Beginning with the first letter of inquiry from the past, the past links up with the future as they continue to reply and receive letters.

Qin Lang, who hesitates whether he should stick to his dream of music, Hao Bo, who hesitates whether he should move away from home with his family due to a debt, and Qing Mei, hesitates whether she should give up her job as a dancer, all make their choices from their letters and find the direction of their hearts, inadvertently linking their lives.

At the same time, these three young people receive answers to their own confusion.

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