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Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice – Dilraba Dilmurat, Zhang Yunlong, Vengo Gao

Mr. Pride vs. Miss Prejudice is a comedy written and directed by Li Haishu and Huang Yanwei, led by Dilraba Dilmurat, Zhang Yunlong, and Gao Weiguang, co-starring Jin Chen, Ma Weiwei, Fan Tiantian, Mike D’Angelo, Zhou Haimei and Fan Ye.

Adapted from the online novel of the same name by Mei Mei Mao, it tells the story of writer Tang Nannan, a “northern drifter” who “picks up” Zhu Hou, a “down-on-his-luck rich boy”, and then falls in love at first sight with Xiao Jianjun, a “warm-hearted rich man”, by chance.


English Title: Mr. Pride vs. Miss PrejudiceChinese Title: 傲娇与偏见Genre: Romance, ComedyDuration: 108 min.Director: Li Haishu, Huang YanweiWriter: Li Haishu, Huang Yanwei, Mei Mei MaoProducer: Lu YanProduct Company: Alibaba Pictures, JaywalkReleased Date: 2017-04-20Boradcast Website: 爱奇艺


Dilraba DilmuratTang NannaMain Role

Zhang YunlongZhu HouMain Role

Vengo GaoXiao JianjunMain Role

Gina JinMo MoSupport Role

Mike D.AngeloJiang HaiSupport Role

Tang Nanan, a ”northern drifting“ internet writer spends her days in the midst of various “daydreams”, dreaming of one day becoming a master of online writing.

However, after she accidentally ruins an elaborate confession ceremony set up by Zhu Hou, they are forced to live together with their respective pride and prejudices.

Zhu Hou’s friend Xiao Jianjun, who is a rich and handsome man, starts a fierce pursuit of Tang Nannan at first sight, but is repeatedly thwarted by Zhu Hou.

When ” pride” meets “prejudice”, a love affair is on the horizon, and a reconciliation of the century is about to take place.

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