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Fall in Love Like a Star – Yang Mi, Li Yifeng

Fall in Love Like a Star is a romance film directed by Chen Guohui, starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng.

The film is the first urban romance in China to present the many facets of the entertainment industry and tells the forbidden and hilarious love story of Tian Xin, an ACE agent, and Su XingYu, a singer.


English Title: Fall in Love Like a StarChinese Title: 怦然星动Genre: Urban, Romance, ComedyDuration: 97 min.Director: Chen GuohuiWriter: Chen Guohui, Xu YiliangProducer: Zeng JiaProduct Company: H&R CENTURY PICTURES, Jaywalk, Youth EnlightReleased Date: 2015-12-03Boradcast Website: iQIYI, Prime Video, Viki, AsianCrush


Yang MiTian XinMain Role

Li YifengSu XingyuMain Role

Chen ShuMei JieSupport Role

David WangChen XuanSupport Role

Zhang YunlongGao MangSupport Role

Dilraba DilmuratHao MeiliSupport Role

Jin ShijiaPaparazziSupport Role

Young actor Su Xingyu and assistant Tian Xin met and separated by chance.

Five years later, they meet again after a successful career and Tian Xin becomes Su’s agent.

They fall in love with each other during their work and life together, but can’t disclose it because of Xingyu’s identity.

Their relationship goes through various trials and tribulations, but in the end, they get together.

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