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Drug Hunting – Yang Zi, Wang Qianyuan

Drug Hunting is a crime film directed by Gao Zibin, starring Yang Zi, Wang Qianyuan, Shang Yuxian, and Liu Mintao.The film tells the story of a female narcotics police officer who disguises her identity to go undercover in a drug cartel.

English Title: Drug HuntingChinese Title: 猎毒Genre: Crime, Action, Thriller, DramaDuration: 107 min.Director: Gao ZibinWriter: Pang Qing, Zhang Ting, Ha LeiReleased Date: –Boradcast Website: –


Yang ZiLuo JiaMain Role

Wang QianyuanLiu XingjieMain Role

Liu MintaoMain Role

Shang YuxianYang LiuMain Role
After the death of a comrade, female narcotics cop Luo Jia goes on her first undercover assignment, disguised as a female drug dealer, to infiltrate a drug cartel.To quickly gain the trust of drug dealer Liu Xingjie, Luo Jia repeatedly takes risks, but there are even greater dangers in this battle ……
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