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Hello There – Jin Moxi, Meng En

Hello There is a historical romantic comedy directed by Wang Qiheng, starring Jin Moxi, Meng En, Wu Chengze, Cai Xiangyu, and Pan Luyu, with a special appearance by Chen Minghao.

This drama is based on the popular novel “Zui Dao Xu Deng Jun Lai Fu/醉倒需等君来扶” by Ni Shiyi, which tells the story of Tang Buyan, the “eccentric” head of the Tang Sect, and Li Chengqi, the cold-faced head of Xuanqi Mountain. They embark on a hilarious journey together to find the “destined one”, growing up and gaining love along the way, and teaming up to upgrade their skills by “fight monsters”.


English Title: Hello ThereChinese Title: 公子贵姓Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy, DramaEpisodes: 24Duration: –Director: Wang QihengWriter: Liang HongyuProducer: Gong Meihui, Li Li, Chen XinjieReleased Date: 2023-01-31Boradcast Website: iQIYI


Jin MoxiTang BuyanMain Role

Meng EnLi ChengqiMain Role

Cai XiangyuShen YiMain Role

Chen MinghaoLi JianMain Role

Tang Buyan, a quirky and cute girl, is looking for a destined person with a tear mole at the corner of the eye to solve a family bloodline problem.

By chance, she meets Li Chengqi, the young master of the Xuanqi Sect, who is cool and elegant.

Then, their destinies are linked together, resulting in a ludicrous but warm and healing love story.

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